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    Corporate identity

    Once upon a time, there have been a discussion at a renowned advertising agency in Turin, Italy, in which the senior creative director − and founder − affirmed that a logo must say "who" and not "what".
    As a matter of facts, the guy was only trying to fool the customer, foisting surreptitiously them a hotchpotch logo for the commemorating of the fifth centennial of a historical religious event, with a horse directly took from a clip art and pasted on a gallimaufry of meaningless scrawls.
    He answered angrily to customer's objections that they don't use clip arts, but instead "archives of vector illustrations".
    Apart this deeply meaningful difference, we just would like to remind that one of the most celebrated media icons of the last forty years, "INY", created pro bono by Milton Glaser, says definitely more "what" than "who". We may quite safely assert also that Dr. Coca and Mr. Cola weren't the inventors of a carbonated drink, whilst not any factories of racing cars were established by a Prancing Horse.

    Our new corporate identity was designed in 2009 by Fabio Castellano to substitute the underneath historic logotypes, that comprehensively lasted more than twenty years:

    The new logo definitely doesn't say anything about "who", but tries to tell something about "what", that seems the main detail.
    To cut it short, the grading colour patches are intended to suggest the colour swatches used by designers, inasmuch as the choosen calligraphic font would like to reminisce the importance of a manual sign in the design process. Roots in the past, eyes to the future. That's all.